Energy Saving Lifts
Eco Solutions
Axel Lift is environmentally friendly and economical in the use of energy, which contributes to lower operating expenses.

Energy saving with energy recover technology
  • MRL gearless uses up to 50% less energy than traction drive and 70% less energy than hydraulic drive.
  • 50% of the energy used by an elevator can be recovered by regenerative device.
  • LED lights use 80% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than halogen lights.

  • Generally, 50/70% energy savings can be achieved with a full modernization of the elevator.

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MRL - Machine Roomless control board

Beyond the standard model,
the main controller is available also in MRL version with built-in power recovery drive.
ECL pre-wired control system
with Power Recovery Drive

A further development of our control system is the pre-wired "Can" system, which greatly reduces site time and reduces the chances of wrong connections over the hard wired system.

Each complete control system is tested with all the job specific external equipement connected and proved. The shaft wiring excluding the safety circuits are all pre-wired, as are the push buttons and indicators which all plug together and are easily marked to avoid problems.

The car is completely pre-wired with only the trailing cable to be inserted at either end.

The "ECL" system has been extensively tested, not only in the factory but on many different sites covering the whole Axel SRL product range, hydraulic, traction and high speed VVVF drives.
Geared/Gearless MRL

Axel Geared/Gearless (Machine Room Less) Lift is the latest in innovative elevator programmes.

Key Benefits

  • Space Saving: no machine room means maximum utilization of building space within all relevant regulations.
  • Energy Saving: MRL Gearless saves you up to 40-50% on energy running costs, thanks to the Permanent Magnet Gearless Drive system.
  • Cost Saving: lower construction costs because there is no need to build a machine room.
  • Building design flexibility: no visible machine room gives the architect more flexibility in the building’s design.
  • Superior Ride Comfort: MRL Gearless delivers unparalleled precision and ride comfort for this class of MRL elevator.
  • Durable: safety for the long term, components and sub-systems have passed very severe tests.
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