Homelift Medus
Daily comfort and safety

The Homelift Medus is not only making life easier for many people, but it also offers a wide range of possible solutions: classical and modern forms, different finishes and special designs. Of course the Homelift Medus is available with various car dimensions and with doors suitable for wheel-chairs.

Some good reasons to choose the Homelifty Medus:

  • Can be installed both inside and outside the building
  • Can easily fit it in hoistways and stairwells with small spaces
  • Highest safety standard according to the lift rules EN81-41:2010
  • Suitable for new buildings or for already existing houses
  • Very silent operation
  • Very low power consumption
  • Ecological
  • Very little maintenance

Can be evacuated in emergency cases (blackout).

The best solution for both internal
and external installations

Whether in the family home or a block of flats, whether in new or existing buildings, the Homelift Medus is the ideal solution for your mobility needs. The Homelift Medus is suitable for use both inside and outside of buildings. Even with a travel of 12m and a max. payload of 385kg, the Homelift Medus still only needs a very small space and furthermore can be personalised to meet each customers needs.

The Homelift that fits into every situation:
  • tailor-made construction
  • Smart and stylish design
  • the self supporting structure can be manufactured in various colours (standard RAL)
  • customised decoration
  • high-performance technique
  • safe travel
  • smooth running
Innovation and technology
in detail

The Homelift Medus has a very small pit, does not need a machine room and has no architectural barriers.
The pit only needs a small space of 100mm.
The machinery is housed in a separate compact control cabinet with the following standard dimensions 500 w x 750 h x 175 d. This cabinet can be located on any floor and does not need to be next to the lift shaft allowing for a neat finish and easier installation.
This fact allows a neat and easy installation, both in a new building as in an already existing house.

Lift Car - Customised sizes and finishes

Thanks to a large range of possible solutions available, the Homelift Medus meets both the needs of the building design and the wishes of the customer.
  • Flexible lift car sizes
  • Max. lift car surface for a minimum space
  • Lifts car sizes according to the rules for disabled people and for those with reduced mobility
  • Various choices of lift car access
  • Lift cars can be delivered with or without doors
Technical data
  • Rated speed: 0.15 m/s
  • Payload: up to 385 kg
  • Min. pit: 100 mm
  • Min. headroom: 2500 mm
  • Travel: up to 12 m.
  • Motor power: 2,2 kW
  • Supply: 230V standard (socket)

Medus Homelift
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