Car Lightings - Hand rails - Push buttons

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Axel lifts offers beautiful stainless steel, aluminum, glass, real wood veneer laminate; high gloss lacquered finishes, etc.
And, our artistic nature, creativity and vast experience in using these materials give our lifts an unrivalled depth and uniformity to them.

A thorough understanding of the materials we use in our production methods and a keen eye for detail ensures the material attributes are as uniformed as possible, as we use very strict criteria in the selection process of our materials.

The color, grain and moisture content of the wood must meet the very stringent quality standards required for Axel lifts in order to make it to the production process.
Square standard holes Side standard holes
Random Recessed
Diamond Leds spotlight
Leds spotlight + Fluorescent
Hand - Bump rails - Skirting Panels - Push buttons
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